As I have started a new journey into childcare I triple as a student, nanny, and a developmental therapist. The days start with ... and they NEVER end.

I have quite a few things to submit! I’m sure you all do too!!!!!

School time again!

Nice. Take notes… On both sides!

How I feel EVERYDAY! Don’t judge me because you don’t know how many cars I saved the kids from getting hit by walking to the park! Or the amount of play dough I picked out if the carpet. Or the amount of paint I wiped off of the walls… I did it all! And now I WANT MY IPHONE DARNNIT!

More of kids cracking eggs…

…or not!

Kids cracking eggs!

Cookies!!!! Fun, new and from


I love these things. Not sure why but LOVE them!

I’ve even started my search on Pinterest for games and DIY stands (of course I found it) and that is going to be one of my proudest moments!