As I have started a new journey into childcare I triple as a student, nanny, and a developmental therapist. The days start with ... and they NEVER end.

Blogging at the park

So as I sit here and I’m on my phone (notice all the buzzfeed reblogs) I’ve asked myself the question… How do you watch more than two children at the park at once?

Now I’ve worked in day care with multiple teachers and at least 16 kids in one outdoor space but that was easy compared to his public park scene where there are kids everywhere!

So today I’m doing my monthly share of keeping another kid that lives down the street and we came to the park. Where I am a pro at scoping the scene for two persons I completely blanked out when time to search for THREE bodies on the playground.

During this post alone I have looked up about 6 or so times to look for the kids. Every other time I actually are all three of them.

Should I start putting targets on all of their heads???

I love every “goodnight” book created!!! This one sorta takes the cake!

Can I point out how I will never I repeat NEVER be inside the house during this summer season!!! Winter put me in a bad place and I refuse to go back!

My life while kids are napping!!!!!

Everyone needs to own this book!!! Why didn’t I think of this again??? I’m sure I have enough “why I’m crying” pictures for a brand new book!!!


2 year olds… There’s so much to be said about them. Soooooooo much! I spent a large part of my time as a teacher with 2 year olds.

16 @ once vs 1 one 1

I’m going to say the one on one is a way worse experience. Spending every waking second detecting ticking time bombs and trying to deactivate them before they go off, a day in the life!

But I’ve got a solution. No it’s not screaming and slamming doors until the children think your crazier than they are (nice idea though)!

We made signs and put one comfort object in our “personal spaces”. No one but YOU are allowed in YOUR space. When your sad, mad, angry, sleepy, need space… TAKE IT!

So no more tantrums, no more shouting, no more freak outs! Kindly escort them to their quiet space and let them know that they can take some time and when they are all done crying and they may join the rest of the group.

Letter recognition!!!!!!!!!!!

Letter recognition!!!!!!!!!!!

Passport fun… Where would you like to go?

Looking through magazines we found different pictures from different countries and the children marked them off. This was apart of our listening activity.

Instruction: find the item… Mark it on your passport.

And if course no listening activity is complete without a great treat at the end!